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Montonn Jira : is best known for his multi-genre crossing productions and forward thinking performances. Having studied music composition and electronic music production abroad, he has since expanded his knowledge into sound design for music and film, and has returned to Thailand as "The Techno Producer" to watch out for.

Hailing from a rock solid production background, Montonn has been making a name for himself in both local and international music circles. 2007 saw him sign up as the musical director and programmer for the Neptunes' produced Kenna. This allowed him the opportunity to tour the world with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, and Fischerspooner, not to mention, perform at one of the largest concert events of all time, Live Earth.

His roles as producer, arranger, engineer, musician, and DJ have gained him all-round respect from critics worldwide. After some notable remixes for local artists Modern Dog, Siam Secret Service, Penguin Villa, and The Crub, Montonn has been releasing his own electronic infused tracks on the Bangkok label Smallroom. His work has also recently been remixed by the likes of Pheek (Archipel, Alphahouse) [A]ppendics Shuffle (City Slang, Mute) and Violett (Einmaleins, Lo Mid High, Ilian, Tape Telegraph, Igloo). His release on MONSTERecs (titled Samutprakarn Sound Remixes EP 1) has led to the creation of his own Samutprakarn Sound imprint, which will be home to all of his future releases.

Montonn continues to surprise audiences and create with a passion for his craft. Whether it be bringing new sounds to the dance floors, or well crafted pop songs to peoples living rooms, making the "Samutprakarn Sound" heard is what Montonn Jira lives for.


Jib Bao. Samutprakarn Sound. 2013
My Broken Clock Somehow Worked! Samutprakarn Sound. 2012
Electric Fish. (MP3) Samutprakarn Sound. 2009
Fakeways. (MP3) Samutprakarn Sound. 2009
Three Love Songs. (CD, EP, MP3) Smallroom. 2005
The First Album. (CD, EP, MP3) Smallroom. 2004
Too... Smallroom (CD, EP, MP3) Smallroom. 2004
Smallroom 003, The New Colour. In Your Head (CD) Smallroom. 2003
"Girl Club", Soundtrack. Show me your Smile.(CD) Sony Music. 2002
"Streets of Paradise". Soundtrack. (CD) Streets of Paradise. 2002
La Fatale. Soundtrack A Mind Kampf (trailer). 2002
The Sweets of Siam. (CD, LP) Oblivious. Apricot Records. 2002
Montonn Jay Jira. (CD, LP) Montonn Jira Polygram Records Thailand. 1996

Belladonna (Montonn Jira Remix), Flim. Maetta. 2013
Chot (Montonn Jira Remix), Tata Young. 2011
Parn (Montonn Jira Remix), Slot Machine. 2011
Klai (Montonn Jira Remix), Scrubb. 2011
Liar(PrahJaoJord Remix), GOO. 2010
For What It's Worth(Montonn Jira's Remix),Placebo. Riverman. 2009
Lift(Montonn Jira’s Use the Stairs Remix),Groove Rider.Spicy Disc. 2009
It's No Secret Remix, Siam Secret Service.Phantom Records. 2006
Airport (Montonn's Mash Mix), Okpaikangnok.Smallroom. 2005
So Serene (Montonn’s Madness Mix), Viewed.Smallroom. 2004
Good Boy (Roggin Demix), Classics Single.Bakery Music. 2002
Vatan (Montonn's Moog Mix), Vatan Single.Bakery Music. 2001

Ten to Twelve. Lok Yung Mai Taek. Mixing. 2016
Chanudom. Chanudom. Producer. Engineer. Mixing. 2015
Thongchai McinTyre. Ruk Kum Diew. Alt Mix. Mixing. 2015
Pae Arak. Surrender. Producer. Engineering. Mixing. 2015
Pae Arak. Miss You. Producer. Engineering. Mixing. 2015
Montonn and Hanna. The Way. Producer. Arranger. Engineer. Writer. 2015
25 Hours. DAO Coffee. Mixing. 2015
25 Hours. "Mom and Pop Shop". Producer. Engineering. Programming. 2015
Ten to Twelve. Please. Mixing. 2015
Arkom. Muedmid. Producer. Recording. Mixing. 2014
25 Hours. Sukha Yu Hon Dai. Production. Engineering. Programming. 2014
Ten To Twelve Patiyarn. Mixing. 2014
Hugo. Deep in the Long Grass. Co-Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Programmer, Writer. 2014
Kaeng Muan Ice. Sobic. Producer. Engineer. Mixing. Mastering. 2014
Vincent Moreau. Ode to the Happy Mouse. Mixing. 2013
Yellow Fang. The Greatest. Mixing. 2013
Pae Arak. Rights. Mixing. Mastering. 2013
Vincent Moreau. Tech Hop. Mixing. 2013
The Cat That Walks Alone. Love Will Always Come. Mixing. Mastering. 2013
Hugo and Palmy. Big Mountain. Producer. Editing. Programming. 2012
Slot Machine. OST. Producer. Arranger, Engineer. Mixing. 2012
Sobic. Jab Mue Chan. Producer. Engineering. Mixing. Mastering. 2012
Wicked Lights. Epic Holiday. Producer. Engineer. Arranger. Mixing. 2011
Slot Machine Feat Stamp. Developing. Producer. Engineer. Arranger. 2011
Raptor 2011 Music Production and Remixing. Producer. Engineer. Mixing. 2011
Slot Machine. Cell. Sony Music Thailand. Producer. 2011
Prah Jao Jord. Rao Song Sam Khon. I Lah Ju. Samutprakarn Sound. 2010
9wat Secret Sunday Movie Score. Samutprakarn Sound. 2010
My First Song Nintendo Wii. Samutprakarn Sound/RingZero. 2010
The Job, Short Film Score. Samutprakarn Sound/Technicolor. 2009
And So It Goes...Katsue. Samutprakarn Sound. 2006
13. Original Soundtrack.The Hand. Sahamongkol Films. 2006
Fatcode 3. JJ Market. Fat Radio. 2006
Disposable. Katsue. Samutprakarn Sound. 2006
How to be a Rockstar Dictionary-Dome Pakornlum. More Music. 2005
Freeman. Go now-Joni Anwar. RS Promotion. 2002
Freeman. Love Focus-Joni Anwar. RS Promotion. 2002



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